Auburn is a fast-growing shipping company providing safe & cost-effective ocean transport solutions to our valuable clients. Our clients are leading trading houses and chemical companies. Our clients rely on us for safe carriage of their cargoes while demanding flexibility for their last minute trading needs in an economical way. We possess an international footprint that covers Dubai, Mumbai & Hong Kong.

Our dynamic team consists of seasoned practitioners who believe in constantly challenging the status quo. We are known for our proactive approach towards our clients' requirements, as we try to simplify their operations and maximize their revenues through our efficient processes.

Auburn has both Tankers & Dry Cargo divisions that are designed to cater to our clients' unique businesses. Our innovative solutions ensure we take care of everything when it comes to transporting the cargoes, from origin to destination.


We at Auburn Logistics Limited, are guided by the company's core values. We strive to exemplify in our everyday business operations for our professional and personal development, as well as for the benefit and satisfaction of our clients.


Our people always go beyond what is expected of us, providing value-added solutions that drive business growth. We never compromise on the quality of our services, ensuring clients of our consistent high quality delivery.


We believe and take pride in what we do, offering our clients with genuine solutions and utmost support as they take their companies to the next level. We are confident that we can with our expertise guide our clients towards shared success.


Through our practical knowledge and first-hand experience in the industry, we can contribute greatly to our clients' organizations. We optimize the use of their resources through our extensive experience and knowledge of the business.


Connecting Regions, Sharing Prosperity and Driving Excellence with our unparalleled ocean transportation solutions to meet our clients' varied shipping needs.

Auburn aims to be a leading shipping company in the market, committed to its values and focused on its vision. In our pursuit of excellence, we continue to invest in our people and systems.

We dedicate ourselves entirely to our clients, community, industry standards and environmental stewardship.

The Auburn ambition speaks of our journey towards making a difference through our expertise and experience in maritime business, bringing high returns and mutually beneficial prosperity.

We believe in becoming partners with our clients in their business growth, ensuring all round development for both


Our customer-focussed attitude makes us a reliable and dependable partner. Nothing can replace the rich and diverse knowledge that our committed team members bring.

Auburn is a living brand combining operational excellence and commercial dynamism. A young company having excellent IT systems to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency & remarkable data management and analytics. Our clients are benefitted from the cost-effective solutions and low overheads as we are able to extend the savings in our client's favour.

Our cloud-based information system offers convenience to our customers. They can access details of the entire shipment, pertinent documents, track and receive live updates, on our website and their handheld devices. It is our constant endeavour to upgrade our service to make it simple and user-friendly by using modern technology wherever possible.